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Omni WMS / Warehouse management system

Omni WMS Warehouse management system


Direct benefits

High level of accuracy stock by adressing areas

Increase of capacity of prosessing orders

Improvement of accuracy of ordered goods

Optimization of stocking goods process

Significant accelerate the process of receipting and issuing goods

Complete control over the warehouse

100% without paper

Omni WMS is a warehouse management system which consists of desktop application, portable devices (PDT) which aim is to optimize and accelerate the process of receipt, issue and movement of goods through the warehouse.

With the help of desktop application, the operator managing with the accounts for receipting and issuing, assingns task devices, monitoring stock and statuses of assingned task devices. Operators with PDT devices process the warrents through warehouse by reading the barcode articles.



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Functionalities and price list


Field of usage
  • Warehouse companies
  • Production companies
  • Wholesales companies
  • Distribution companies
  • Portable PDT barcode reader with WiFi connection which has Android OS
  • Undisturbed wireless network at the area where the system is used
  • Desktop computer at the warehouse (not for mini WMS)
  • Barcode printer
  • Open port on SQL server
  • Forwarding traffic from internet router to the appropriate SQL server port (working from a remote location)
  • Internet access (working from a remote location)

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