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Qlikview BI / Advanced reporting tool

Qlikview BI Advanced reporting tool

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Direct benefits

Comprehensive data analysis

Monitoring success indicators

Ability of monitoring specific data from many aspects

Graphic review of results

Shortening the decision-make process

Qlikview is a tool for creating reports or export data in the excel tables. It allows to users to create different types of reports from existing data base. This tool standardize data from all sources of the company, so it creates unique base. It is suitable for analysis, especially graphic data review, and it is adjusted to an average user.



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  • Consolidation of relevant information from many to unique data base
  • Searching all data
  • Cooperation with dynamic applications
  • Creating reports by pooling of data from different bases
  • Monitoring specific data from many aspects
  • Graphic review of reached data
Field of usage
  • Wholesale companies
  • Distribution companies
  • Existing business software where from the tool collects information (data)

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