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DEVELOPMENT / Service development of desktop and web applications

DEVELOPMENT Service development of desktop and web applications


Let our team develop software which is customer to business of your company. Not only we’ll eliminate frustration of your employees and customers, but we’ll help you to reach comparative advantage in a relation to your competition.


We develop

We develop and design application on user demand which are going to solve the hardest and the most complicated problems, and which are easy to fit in existing processes and the system.


We promote

We promote and improve running of all our applications in order to client’s wishes.


We maintain

We try to maintain all our developed applications, so you can focus on your business. We take care of software maintained and its complete testing.

Examples of our expertise and experience
  • Application for monitoring of stock planning
  • Application for managing travel warrants
  • Application for monitoring service tickets
  • Application for time attendance
  • Application for managing human resources
  • Exchanging data through EDI standard
  • Exchanging data between ERP, B2B, CRM, B2C…etc.
  • Application for production support

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