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Omni MOBILE / Field sales system

Omni MOBILE Field sales system


Direct benefits

Improvement accuracy of creating offers

Improvement of payment and decreasing the number of unpayed bills

Better comunication between headquarters and field sales managers

Better availablity of information about customers and goods

Missed sales in the business software

Satisfied customers through accurate prices and solid reservation

100% without paper

Omni MOBILE is a system for sales on the field and it’s a solution for improvement of of selling and positioning the goods on the market. It is a system who ables the field sales managers to gather the information about customer, positioning the goods on the market, creating offers, wherever they are (on the field, at the exact same place of customer) by any portable device (cell, tablet or laptop) with Android OS. The system is directly connected with ERP, so all information in the system are the latest and all changes which are made in the application are visible in the data base of ERP.



Download on Google play

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Field of usage
  • Trading or production companies which sell goods on principles of distribution
  • fixed IP address
  • open port for MSSQL server on the router and forwarded to MSSQL server
  • access to the internet from the location
  • portable device with Android OS (2.2. or later)
  • access to the internet

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