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Omni SMS / Bulk system for SMS texting

Omni SMS Bulk system for SMS texting


Direct benefits

Direct communication with customers – natural and legal entities

Improvement of informing customers about goods and services

Improvement of payment through informing customers about their debts

System for automatic sending SMS messages, Omni SMS, is a solution that allows to user to use the ability of sending SMS messages, directly from the system, to other emplyees, partners, customers… The system is directly connected to your data base so it is possible that all information entered the system are being used for working the system. Also, it is possible to SMS messages use for sending reports or notification to employees inside the company, for example, to the sales managers on the field or management.


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  • The system is directly connected with business software (ERP, Pantheon…) and pull the information about cutomers
  • System connects with web service for SMS texting
  • Ability of sending reports from business software
  • Ability of senfing information about goods and services – discounts, sales, new arrivals…
Field of usage
  • Comapnies which inform their employees by SMS
  • Companies which send information to natural or legal entities about new arivals or services they offer, sales or financial debts

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